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Install the EasyTransac application on your smartphone and cash in credit cards in all situations and with extra safety. Use one of our three technologies (Flash, contactless, distant payment) to adapt to the expectations of your clients and miss no sale.

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Distant payment via SMS or e-mail

EasyTransac lets you cash in your customers remotely. Send a SMS or a custom payment e-mail to your customer. Attach your invoice to your distant payment request, send it to your customer and let them pay your services in just a few clicks, in a secured environment.

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On your e-commerce store

Our payment modules and API have been developed to work automatically with your websites. With our modules: you have nothing to do technically. Easy to install, simple to use, no need to contract with your bank, and in addition they are free.

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CARBEL Je suis vendeuse professionnelle sur les salons et les foires. Je vends des appareils de bien-être et de santé. Le panier moyen de mes clients est supérieur à 100 €. Je me sers d’EasyTransac pour vend...

L’Atelier de Cécile

L’Atelier de Cécile Je suis esthéticienne à Autun. J’ai créé mon entreprise “L’Atelier de Cécile” avec le statut de micro-entreprise en juin 2015. J’exerce mes soins dans mon local commercial ainsi qu’au domicile de mes ...

NL International

NL International Je suis vendeuse à domicile (VDI), distributeur exclusif des produits Beautysané dans le réseau NL International. C’est un choix de vie que nous avons fait, moi & mon mari il y a quelques années. Au d...

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EasyTransac is for independent, managers of companies in search of a mobile POS solution, and all e-merchants who want to sell immediately, without obligation and at a very competitive price.

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