Mobile cash register

Credit card
: Always say yes .

When mobility rhymes with opportunity.
Thanks to ourmobile checkout solution, turn your smartphone into a real payment terminal.

Without subscription
, fixed fees only for successful transactions

Without obligation
, remain in control of your decisions

Without external devices
, free yourself from unnecessary costs

Contactless payment (NFC)

Coupled with the 3DSecure system, you can cash without contact and without ceiling limit.
Secure your customers' purchases with confidence, for them as well as for you.

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Cash as you wish

Technology at the service of your business.
Card scanning, NFC detection, Pay-by-Link, manual entry: in all cases it's secure and paid for!

Ship your payment requests

You're gonna love using it. Create and share unique and secure links, and get paid instantly wherever you are.

Offer freedom to your customers

A catalogue of free features!

  • Payment by instalment
  • Postponed payment
  • 3DSecure option
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Your product catalogue always at hand. Select the product(s), the quantity and cash in your selection in a few seconds.

Electronic receipts

No more paper breakdowns and lost tickets: all your payment receipts are automatically generated and saved.

Reçu de paiement

An application that will win you customers.

Go for it!