Back Office

Your activity in real time

Track all the cash receipts from your points of sale, vendors and e-shops.

Cash is King!

Track your income, compare periods, manage your reimbursements: complete supervision at a glance.
An interface where the good news comes in.

Business mode

Are you the head of a network of sellers or re-sellers? Generate one account per employee, motivate your teams and keep an eye on sales performance!

Graphe de hiérarchie


Benefit from the dematerialization of your payment tickets and automatic exports to make your accountant's life easier, and yours!

Cloud et fichiers

Schedule and send your payment requests

Generate and send unique and secure links in just a few clicks.

No more reminders, forgetfulness and unpaid bills: thanks to the scheduling of your payment requests, you can concentrate on your business.

Icône calendrier, check orange et avion en papier

Digital becomes your best ally to better understand your customers.

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