Our daily routine:
simplifying yours!

A player in the digitalization of your business

At Easytransac, we love movement!

Consumption habits and purchasing psychologies are constantly changing.
We believe that the payment process should no longer be an obstacle to sales and that digitalisation is becoming a matter of course for merchants, who must adapt quickly.

Our role is to offer you the collection solutions you need while providing you with expertise tailored to your business.

Thanks to our experience with more than 50,000 customers, our teams located between Paris and Strasbourg are committed to providing you with the best support to enable you to adapt as quickly as possible: a significant asset in your competitive markets.



A key financial player for small businesses as well as large structures, our innovations adapt to your projects.
From the instantaneous transformation of your smartphone into an Eftpos terminal to the integration of our technology into your billing software or your industrial products, we offer a range of rich digital solutions.


For intuitive handling, we believe that modern digital tools should adapt to your needs, not the other way around!
From integration to use, our technical teams develop solutions and free transaction options designed to make your daily life easier (3DSecure, 3X free, deferred payment, SEPA direct debit, NFC).


All your data and transactions are encrypted using the SSL protocol and the AES-256 algorithm. They are transferred to our servers that meet the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), which corresponds to the highest requirements in terms of banking security.
Nothing is stored on your smartphone!

Made in France

In addition to encryption technologies, your data is stored in France to ensure your security and confidentiality.
As an innovative player in the FrenchTech ecosystem, we are also committed to the development of our home region: the Grand Est!
One thing is obvious to our customers: the ability to interact quickly with our consultants, sales and technical teams.