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Never miss a sale again!

Distance payment or physical payment? Cash in wherever you are and accept the payment methods your customers prefer.
View and track your revenues and performance at a glance. Simplify your administrative and accounting management.
Secure, fast and easy to use at affordable and flexible rates.

More than 40,000 Entrepreneurs, freelancers, organizations, have already joined us

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Easytransac is a payment solution thought for all the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.

Whether online, remotely or on the spot: Our solution gathers collection methods adapted to the payment habits of your customers.


Simply manage your finances and administration.
Accept the payment methods your customers prefer. Secure, fast and easy to use at affordable and flexible rates.


A single contract

A payment solution designed for UX and conversion

An intuitive mobile application

A solution for every situation: mobile, online or face-to-face

Popular payment methods

Technical experts based in France.
Reactive support

A dedicated Partner Manager
Daily support

A network of quality complementary partners

A requirement of absolute security

Mobile payment
On-site payment

A mobile application that replaces your traditional POS terminals

Online or on-site payment? Adopt a mobile payment terminal like you! No need to rent traditional payment terminals anymore, thanks to our free application, you can collect everywhere thanks to payment by mobile application.

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Online payment

You have an e-shop or you are going to launch your online store?

You can implement our solution without any development knowledge thanks to our online payment modules.

Free modules available on popular CMS:

Card payments, Open Banking, fractional and deferred payments..
Our solution provides a full range of options to free the power of the business owner inside you.



Unified cash management regardless of your device!

The Easytransac dashboard gives you a clear and quick view of your activity.

Pilot the growth of your company, optimize your payment performance. Analyze and compare your periods at a glance.

Facilitate your accounting with the free option of dematerialization of payment receipts. Automate your collections. Program and send your payment requests.

The Easytransac back-office provides detailed information on each transaction, access to advanced settings and a large capacity of actions for daily management.

A dedicated consultant,
a unique and local engineering team

Supported from start to end
A dedicated expert to answer your questions, anticipate your needs and help you to optimize your sales. A local and proactive technical team.
Hand-picked employees

Payment methods adapted to your activity and to each one of your customers

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A dedicated consultant,
a unique and local engineering team

  • A 100% French solution.
  • A local multilingual team.
  • Data stays in France.

Unlimited Tools, Services & Options

Our Application, our dashboard, our plugins and features are fully available and free.

Free customer and technical support

You benefit from free customer and technical support. You have access to the latest updates and innovations developed by our technical teams. Your consultant will help you improve your sales performance.

No subscription, no engagement

Simple and flexible rates. The more you use it, the more you save!

Easytransac rewards itself exclusively through a system of reasonable commissions on the transactions carried out.

Community Wiki

Unlimited access to our knowledge base!

In addition to local support, you have full access to our free Community Wiki:

Demos, tutorials, guides, videos, case study FAQs, Tips, Premium Resources.

An essential asset to get started with peace of mind.

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Ensuring the safety of your customers is our top priority. We carry out important, regular checks on our compliance.

We fully comply with the standards of the European authorities in terms of online payment security.

Bank and transaction data are encrypted. No data stored on the device. Our servers meet the highest standard: with a PCI DSS level 2 certification.
The recruitment of our employees is ultra-selective and meets a demanding quality charter.

These measures allow us to guarantee a highly secure environment for your merchants and their customers.