Mobile EPT The innovative POS solution

Your incoming payments in 30 seconds "phone" in hand!

The application is free and offers many features!

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How does it work ?

Easytransac allows you to cash in your sales directly and simply, without constraint.

  • I write the amount I want to charge my client in the EasyTransac application.
  • I scan my client's credit card with the camera of my smartphone or NFC in the EasyTransac app.
  • The EasyTransac application notify me with the status of the transaction in real time.
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100% secure

The card number is not stored on your mobile phone
but encrypted on a certified server

  • Data security

    Data security

    Nothing is stored on your mobile, all bank information is encrypted and stored on the same kind of secure servers as your own bank

  • 3DSecure


    The regulations are TOTALLY secure (Secure payment process by 3DS)

  • Connection by code

    Connection by code

    A 6-digit code defined by you is required to access each transaction