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My account has not been validated :
  • All of your information has not been fully completed : Please go to this page and make sure that no tab is marked in red :My information
  • You did not send us all the required documents : To check if you have sent all your required documents, please check on this page : My documents
  • You activity is not authorized by our services : To check if your activity is accepted by our services, please check on this page : restricted or forbidden activities
  • The country from which you operate is not part of the European Union, nor United Kingdom, nor Switzerland.
  • If none of these reasons matches your situation, feel free to contact us by e-mail by clicking here
My documents have been denied :

First of all, please login to your EasyTransac backoffice on your computer, go to the My Account > Documents category. On the right of each document, you will find an indicator:

If the icon shows that it has been denied, you will find the reason of denial under the document, like in the following example:

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