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What options do I have with EasyTransac?

To make the transactions with your clients easier, we set up a lot of options.
Most of these options are available as soon as your account is entirely validated by our teams.

1. Payment in 2, 3 or 4 times with no charge :

Payments in 2 or 3 times with no charge are programmed payments in installments. It is not a credit insured by our services. The merchant will receive the due amounts at the dates scheduled when the payment was programmed.
The merchant must produce a document engaging their customer to make the programmed payments. The merchant is also asked to inform their clients of the amounts and scheduled dates at which they will proceed with the payments.

2. Delayed payment up to 60 days :

EasyTransac allows you to progam delayed payments up to 60 days. Be aware that this option is available only for SMS, e-mail, Messenger or WhatsApp payment requests. When setting up your payment options, select "Payment date". It is up to the merchant to provide a document engaging their customer to make the programmed payment at the requested date.

3. 3DSecure activated on request :

L3DS or 3DSecure is an additional security available mostly for online payments and that allows the client to receive a confirmation code by SMS so that the payment can be blocked if this code is not filled in. 3DS is a security measure that can be requested by the bank at any moment, but when it is not the case, you can activate it yourself in your payment settings to guarantee an additional safety to your client.

4. Products catalogue

The products catalogue allows you to reference all products you can sell in a catalogue, to order them in categories, add price tags and images for each product. This system can calculate quickly a client’s basket to make the payment once the basket is complete. This functionality is available on the mobile app only, once added on your dedicated web account.

5. Demo mode

When you make transactions using the Demo mode, these transations are not real, the amounts are not cashed and the information from the used card are automatically replaced by information from a test card stored in our system.

6. Subscription

This solution is made to program recurring payment requests. To end a subscription, find a previous transactions made by the client, click on the gear icon on the right of the transaction, and click on « cancel recurring payment » on your dedicated web account.

7. Adding an invoice

With EasyTransac, you can send an invoice to your client with your payment request by SMS or e-mail (with the SMS solution, the file has to be downloaded directly on the payment page). To add an invoice to a payment, it’s easy : You have to set-up a payment from your backoffice. Then, click on « Download your invoice ». Finish the operation by drag and drop or clicking on « browse » to select your invoice file. For this functionality, you need to use PDF files. This functionality is only available on your dedicated web account.

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