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External audits

Intrusion test

Our PCI-DSS servers are tested every three months by the independant organism Security Metrics :

  • Scan made by an approved provider
  • CVSS* Level 1 maximum
  • External link allowing to control our certification
  • Conformity certificate
  • Self-assessment conduction

*Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) is a rating system standardized for the criticality of vulnerabilities with objective and measurable criteria. This scoring is constituted of 3 measurements called metrics : Basic metrics, time metrics and environmental metrics.

Software audits
  • Software vulnerability tests made in january 2017 by Synopsys (ex-Cigital inc.) :
  • Test realized in Black-box (Real test)
  • Submission of a vulnerability report
  • Breaches correction by EasyTransac’s teams
  • Control of the corrections validated by Synopsys

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