Activities prohibited by EasyTransac

Activity Definition
Adoption agency (With profit) Any organization that generates profits from a child placement and exchange activity with parents wishing to adopt.
Bond Manager Any merchant making profits from bail loans to the justice system, and who pose as guarantors for individuals under prosecution.
Controller of a collecting institution Any activity generating profits through the purchase and resale of :
  • Currencies
  • Mandates
  • Travelers Cheques
  • Money Transfers
Child Pornography & Zoophilia Any activity related to child pornography and zoophilia.
Non-accredited counselling centre Any unauthorized merchant who offers advice regarding :
  • Debts
  • Financial Services
  • Marriage counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Other personal advice
Organization producing products or services related to illegal drug use Any company whose products or services are exclusively intended to encourage the use of illegal drugs.
Sale of firearms on the Internet Any activity related to the sale of firearms online.
Pharmaceuticals MCC 5122/5912 Any sale of controlled drugs. To carry out these activities, it is necessary to obtain :
  • A GBPP Visa license
  • A MasterCard Program registration
Contact Lenses Online sale of contact lenses (MCC 8043/8044)
Sale of tobacco and cigars MCC 5993 Any activity marketing tobacco and cigars as well as accessories dedicated to tobacco consumption.
To carry out these activities, it is necessary to obtain :
  • Requires a GBPP Visa license
  • A MasterCard Program registration
Inbound and Outbound Direct Marketing MCC 5966/5967 Any activity related to teleprospecting and direct marketing.
To carry out these activities, it is necessary to obtain :
  • Requires a GBPP Visa license
  • A MasterCard Program registration
Travel arrangement services MCC 5962 Any activity related to travel arrangement services.
To carry out these activities, it is necessary to obtain :
  • Requires a GBPP Visa license
  • A MasterCard Program registration
Bodyguard and private detective services All activities related to the marketing of bodyguard and private detective services
Organizations offering services related to Pornography, Charm and Adult Dating Services Any activity related to the marketing of video, chat, live streaming, photos, audio text, video text).
To carry out these activities, it is necessary to obtain :
  • Requires a GBPP Visa license
  • A MasterCard Program registration
Jamming equipment Any activity related to the production, sale and rental of cell jammer services or similar devices designed to block communications and create quiet zones.
Hypnosis, clairvoyance and fortune tellers Therapist, magnetizer, bio-energetician, geobiology. The clairvoyance includes fortune tellers, fortune tellers, fortune tellers, card shops, tarot card readers and all practices associated with mystical arts.
All Hardware and software sales, maintenance, support, pack installation and repairs Merchants who sell, repair computer hardware and programming software for personal and professional use, provide computer assistance, pack installation or server rentals.
All Computer Programming, Data Management, and Integrated Systems activities Design Services Merchants who provide computer programming, system design and data processing services on a contractual or fee-for-service basis. Whether they provide a variety of services such as software design and analysis or modification software and systems, as well as data entry or processing and training through the use of custom software.
All services providing support to illegal activities All legal services that directly or indirectly promote illegal activities.
Charitable institutions that are not audited by a reputable audit firm and that canvass only by MOTORBIKE The reputable audit firms must be determined.
Any organization that makes a profit from the marketing of animals and plants regulated by law Animals, animal parts, blood or fluids whose marketing is prohibited; noxious weeds; prohibited seeds and plants; animals, plants or other organisms (including products derived therefrom) in danger of extinction or whose trade is otherwise regulated by law.
Dog breeding, dog boarding Agricultural activity of conducting breeding of the species Canis lupus familiaris or dog for the production and marketing of puppies.
Any organization marketing Marketing Tools for unsolicited communications Email lists and products specifically created and used to enable the sending of unsolicited communications.
Any organization marketing illegal driver assistance devices Radar jammers, license plate covers, traffic light changers and products.
Any organization marketing protected cultural objects and artifacts without a license Material covered by the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property or otherwise restricted by law from sale, transfer; artifacts, cave formations (speleothems, stalactites and stalagmites) and grave-related objects that are protected under the law.
Any organization marketing pyrotechnic devices and hazardous materials Fireworks and related products; toxic, flammable and radioactive materials and gunpowder substances; explosives.
Any organization marketing offensive and crime scene products Offensive products, crime Photos or crime scene objects, such as personal effects, associated with criminals or criminal acts.
Any organization that markets "miracle" products Any product or service that has not been proven to be effective on the patient's health and is marketed as a quick recovery solution.
Any organization marketing illegal telecommunication devices Devices intended to receive free cable and satellite signals, cable descramblers and black boxes, access cards, access card programmers and fraudsters, illegal tools or products to modify cellular phones, and other equipment deemed illegal by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or other regulatory agency having jurisdiction in the country whose goods are offered for sale.
Any organization that markets illegal products and proceeds from the sale of stolen goods Materials, products or information promoting illegal products or illegal contacts; goods that you do not own or have the right to sell; goods produced in violation of the rights of a third party; goods and contraband goods with export, import or labelling restrictions; motor vehicles subject to transfer restrictions; goods registered in public registers (such as real estate) and whose transfer requires formalities that cannot be legally completed online.
Any organism trading in human bodies or human body parts Organs or other body parts; body fluids; stem cells; embryos.
Any organization marketing services or products allowing hacking and cracking Manuals, how-to guides, information or equipment that violate the law by damaging or allowing illegal access to software, servers, websites or other protected property.
Any organization that markets government records Including, but not limited to, identification cards, passports, diplomas, degrees, titles of nobility and uniforms, unless sold by a licensed government agency or by a supplier accredited by a licensed government agency. This includes business models where application submissions are made on the client's name in services such as passport applications, health and insurance forms, etc.
Any organisation marketing devices or techniques for unlocking a means of protection Mod chips or other devices to bypass technical protection measures on digital devices, including unlocking iPhones.
Any organization trading in unauthorized or counterfeit goods and merchandise Replicas or imitations of designers or other branded products; articles without celebrity approval that would normally require such an association; forgeries; currency; stamps; banknotes; other potentially unauthorized merchandise.
Any organization marketing or managing copyrighted media and software Unauthorized copies of books, music, movies and other licensed or protected materials, including copies without proper attribution; and unauthorized copies of software, video games and other protected content, including OEM and bundled software.
Any organization offering illegal online gambling, including online betting, without a proper license Illegal Internet gambling, provision of Internet gambling and gaming services that are not properly licensed for the given type of service.
Any organization that canvasses the market to offer administrative services to simplify the seizure of legal or official files This restriction includes compliance services (ADAP, GDPR, ERP...), the creation of official administrative files on behalf of third parties (Cerfa models), Carte Grise procedures and any other related activity.
Any organization related to escort services Any services related to or promoting Escort services.
Any organization offering services related to binary, forex and cryptomoney services Any organization that generates profits or not in the context of an activity of sale, exchange, services related to binary, forex or cryptomoney.

Activity Definition
Any marketing of nutraceuticals or food control substances Food or food products that provide health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease. These products may be a range of isolated nutrients, food supplements and specific diets for genetically modified foods, or plant-based products and other processed foods such as cereals, soups and beverages.
Any organization practicing Multi-Level Marketing or other pyramid schemes Marketing activities in which the sales force is compensated not only for the sales they generate personally, but also for the sales of other salespeople they recruit, creating a descending line of distributors and a multi-level hierarchy of compensation. Includes cases where several levels of workers earn money from each other without actually selling product.
Any organization marketing warranty extensions Extended Warranty Companies and Merchants offering Extended Warranty Services.
Any organization providing travel and tourism related services Businesses provide direct marketing services related to travel and tourism such as travel agencies, tour operators, etc.
Auction House Sale via an auction format of antiques, fine arts and collectibles to dealers, private buyers, museums and other institutions.
Any intermediary purchasing organization Merchants who provide purchasing services to individuals and businesses on a fee basis, as an intermediary in the purchasing process.
Web Development The creation of websites without specifying an exhaustive list of sites.
Any computer or information network Merchants who provide bulletin board access or online services via computers. A bulletin board system, or BBS, is a computer system running software that allows users to log on and connect to the system using a terminal program. Once logged in, a user can perform functions such as downloading and uploading software and data, reading news and newsletters, and exchanging messages with other users, either by e-mail or by electronic mail. In public forums.
Any organization offering direct marketing solutions Organizations that offer catalogue sales and also operate retail outlets, any merchants that sell subscription products or services by direct mail or direct response methods.
Any Debt Collection Agency / Debt Refinancing, Mortgage / Debt Refinancing, Party Payment Service Providers Collection agencies, debt refinancing merchants, transaction processing by service providers under contract with card issuers or acquirers. Prohibited unless it is a bank or a reputable financial institution.
Ticketing Agencies Ticketing agencies are not considered direct marketing merchants. Not restricted to the entertainment industry.
CBD (cannabidiol) This activity can be accepted with full validation of the merchant and its site. A transaction history of 3 to 6 months for companies that have been in business for 1 year or more will be requested. Any CDB product containing more than 0.2% de THC is prohibited.
Any organization trading in precious metals and stones Dealers in precious metals or stones including the sale of jewellery.
Any organization offering online file sharing services Merchants providing a platform specifically used for the sharing or exchange of any type of electronic files.
Any organization offering payday loans Any organization that may or may not make a profit from a payday loan activity.
Any organization offering health or disease testing This restriction includes all related activities.
Any organisation offering the sale of parking tickets and parking management This restriction includes all related activities.
Any organization offering subscriptions or membership to promotional discount services This restriction includes all related activities.