Features A unique, innovative solution, mobile and easy to install

A complete and user-friendly dashboard

With many features !

EasyTransac dashboard

Your transactions in real time

Your business needs tools.

The EasyTransac Back Office , an essential management tool :

  • Check your operations in real time
  • Simplify your accounting with our reconciliations
  • Manage your business with ease
  • Cash directly from your management interface

  • Manage your account

    Manage your account

    With the EasyTransac customer area, simplify your business management through a dynamic interface tailored to your needs.

  • Payez en ligne

    Pay online

    You do not have your phone on you, and you need to cash a payment quickly? You can also do it directly online!

  • EasyTransac

    Follow your cash receipts

    With our intuitive interface, follow your transactions in real time and observe the evolution of your revenue through a variety of statistics.

The security.

A permanently ensured maximum safety.

With a level of advanced expertise, employees of EasyTransac ensure maximum safety with banks.
The security level of a conventional EPT is now surpassed.

EasyTransac Security

Encrypted exchanges

All your communications within EasyTransac are highly secure and encrypted using, among others, SSL and AES.


EasyTransac is an online payment platform, subject to very strict safety standards. Movidone, our partner, is certified PCI DSS, providing our users with a service at the cutting edge of security.


For maximum protection against fraud, you can choose to apply the 3DSecure protocol for all your transactions from your Smartphone and Web interfaces.


Developers ?

EasyTransac is for you! Our API is available to develop the payment system you want!
Visit our PHP library to discover the extent of availlable features!

See the documentation

EasyTransac is also available ready to use!

Discover our e-commerce modules!

Our modules have been developed to work automatically with your e-commerce systems : you have nothing technical to do!
Easy to install, simple to use, plus they are free.





All e-commerce modules

A complete documentation

To make the installation and use of our solution a breeze !