This appendix gives the particularities about the parameters of the main webservices.

All the parameters are based on the following ISO standardization :

All dates are based on the local time of Europe/Paris UTC/GMT +1.

Amounts must be a valid number, otherwise the transaction will fail.
This number represents the amount in the currency related to your account settings.
Each EasyTransac application can use only a single currency, by default in EURO.
For example, if the transaction amount is 12.50 €, the amounts settings must be filled in cents like : Amount = 1250.

In this documentation, two particular parameters exist: OrderId and Uid. They represent your internal references and must be Unique in your application.

  • The OrderId (your transaction ID) must be unique. It should comes from your database.
  • The Uid (your end customer ID) must be unique for ALL your applications. It’s your own client identifier. If you use the same Uid for multiple users, the API will update the information of the related client (including the saved credit card used by the OneClick feature).