The notification process has been developed to add a real-time monitoring of your transactions.

When a transaction is complete, there are two main ways to receive status information of a transaction: "PULL" and "PUSH". These two methods can also be combined. PUSH notifications are recommended because they can be applied more generally.

  • The PULL method: The merchant request payment status from the service payment/status.
  • The PUSH method: the API notify the merchant asynchronously using a POST request. The merchant must implement a dedicated page to handle the notification received.

For each full transaction process, a notification is sent asynchronously to your notification URL defined on your account (under “Applications” tab).
The notification is sent with the HTTP POST method and contains settings of standard response.

During a transaction, you can receive several notifications with different statuses corresponding to the state of the payment during its cycle ("failed" or "captured", "refunded", "chargeback", ...)..
Take care to credit your customer only once if you receive multiple notifications with the status "captured".

For various reasons, sometimes the PUSH notification is not received by your server. This is not 100% reliable. In this case, exceptionally, we recommend to use the pull method to get by yourself the status of the transaction if you do not have received the notification after several minutes.

If a 3DSecure transaction is not completed by the user, the transaction will automatically expire after 20 minutes. You will then receive a "failed" notification.