Error codes

Code Description
1 Invalid request
2 Invalid protocol, HTTPS must be used
3 Invalid Application
4 API key not supplied
5 Missing parameter
7 Invalid account configuration, please contact us
9 Service temporarily unavailable
10 Service unreachable, please try again
11 Server IP address not allowed
12 Wrong signature
100 Invalid user password
101 Parameter Password is missing
102 Token missing or invalid
103 User not found
104 User not activated
105 Invalid account for this connection
106 Email already taken
107 Insecure password
108 No valid credit card found for this client
109 Token use is not allowed with this application
110 User is temporarily blocked or blacklisted
111 Too many attempts, user disabled
112 Token is mandatory
113 The merchant entered is incorrect
150 Invalid parameter Email
151 Invalid parameter Phone
152 Invalid parameter Name
153 Invalid parameter Amount, must be numeric only (1052 for 10.52 euros)
154 Invalid parameter Firstname or Lastname
155 Invalid parameter ClientIP
156 Invalid parameter CardNumber, please check format or Luhn algorithm
157 Invalid parameter CardMonth or CardYear, must be MM and YYYY
158 Invalid parameter CardCVV, must be 3 or 4 digits
160 Invalid parameter Limit, must be numeric only
161 Invalid parameter Iban
162 Invalid parameter Bic
163 Invalid parameter Vat
164 Invalid parameter AccountOwner or CardOwner
165 Invalid parameter BirthDate, check format YYYY-MM-DD
166 Invalid parameter Siret
167 Invalid parameter Address
168 Invalid parameter ZipCode
169 Invalid parameter City
170 Invalid parameter Nationality
171 Invalid parameter Company
172 Invalid parameter CallingCode
173 Invalid parameter OrderId
174 Invalid parameter Uid
175 Invalid parameter Language
176 Invalid parameter ConvertCurrency
177 Invalid parameter ConvertRate
178 Invalid parameter From or To, check format YYYY-MM-DD
179 Invalid parameter ClientId
180 Invalid parameter Alias
181 Invalid parameter Tid
182 Invalid parameter OperationType
183 Invalid parameter ReturnUrl
184 Invalid parameter CancelUrl
185 Invalid parameter Country
186 Invalid parameter Products
187 Invalid parameter SendLater, check format YYYY-MM-DD
188 Invalid parameter Gender
189 Invalid parameter Page
190 Invalid parameter BirthName
191 The filled activity is invalid
192 Invalid parameter CompanyType
193 Invalid parameter CompanyCountry
194 Invalid parameter BanktransfersFrequency
195 Invalid parameter CompanyAddress0
196 Invalid parameter CompanyAddress
197 Invalid parameter CompanyZipCode
198 Invalid parameter CompanyCity
200 An error occured, please contact us if it happens again
201 Error when adding card to the acquisition system
202 A refund is already in buffer, please wait
203 No transaction found
204 Invalid transaction
205 3DSecure is mandatory for this transaction
206 Refund has failed
207 Client not found
208 Recurring payment cancellation has failed
209 This transaction is not recurrent or cannot be cancelled
210 Bank card not supported
211 Currency conversion has failed
212 Refund impossible, insufficient balance
213 Asked OperationType is not allowed on this account
214 Refund not possible, time limit is exceeded
215 Refund exceeds transaction amount
216 Products are not allowed
217 Incorrect product entry
218 Incorrect total amount for chosen products
219 Partial refund is not supported with this account setup
220 Preauthorization and capture are not allowed
221 No payment page found or incorrect status
222 Capture has failed
223 Cancellation has failed
224 Card informations not found
225 No information found
226 Payout not found
227 The customer's email cannot be identical to yours
300 KYC incomplete or invalid
301 Payment refused by the anti-fraud policy
302 Maximum amount per day per credit card reached
303 Maximum amount per credit card reached
304 Parameter Amount exceeds the maximum allowed by transaction
305 Maximum number of captured transactions per day reached for this credit card
306 Maximum number of failed transactions per day reached for this credit card
307 Your account does not yet support multiple payments or subscriptions
400 Please choose between Rebill and MultiplePayments
401 Invalid parameter DownPayment, must be numeric only (1052 for 10.52 euros)
402 DownPayment cannot be greater than 70% of the total Amount
403 DownPayment cannot be lower than 20% of the total Amount
404 Invalid parameter MultiplePaymentsRepeat, must be numeric only and between 2 and 10
405 Rebill is not compatible with the parameter MultiplePaymentsRepeat
407 MultiplePayments must be a minimum of 100.00 euros
408 Invalid parameter RebillRecurrence
409 The total duration of MultiplePayments cannot exceed 90 days
410 Recurring payment not supported with this credit card
411 Document extension not supported, please use PDF files only
412 Invalid parameter DocumentName
500 KYC already existing
501 Invalid parameter DocumentType
502 Invalid parameter DocumentId
503 Document not found
504 Document extension not supported, please use JPG|PNG|TIFF|PDF files
505 Invalid document content, MIME type or size
506 Check has failed
507 Logo extension not supported, please use JPG|PNG files
508 The logo must be at least 256x256 square
509 Maximum allowed size of 200kb
600 Invalid parameter PayoutId
601 A payout is already in progress
602 Insufficient funds
603 Customer's IBAN must be in SEPA zone
604 Wrong acquirer configuration
605 P2P transfer has failed
606 P2P transfer impossible, insufficient balance